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NPTEL Videos And GATE Chemistry (CY) Exam Preparation

NPTEL Videos And GATE Chemistry (CY) Exam Preparation

NPTEL Videos And GATE Chemistry (CY) Exam Preparation

  1. NPTEL Videos are great videos for learning a subject. They have been made by the best teachers in India, and are very detailed.
    However, in our opinion, they are only partly useful for GATE Chemistry (CY) exam prepararion.
  2. The NPTEL Videos were not made from the perspective to coach for GATE Chemistry (CY). They were made to teach/explain a subject. It is similar to subject books written by good authors. They teach the entire subject.
  3. But GATE Chemistry (CY) is focused on a few parts of the subject and is more application oriented.
  4. So you should ideally use some GATE Chemistry (CY) focused study material or Video Lectures to prepare for GATE Chemistry (CY). In parts of the subject where you may want to go in depth, you may refer to NPTEL Videos.

It Is Very Important That Students Use GATE Chemistry (CY) Focused Video Lectures. That Being So, Our Dedicated IITian Faculties At CAREER AVENUES With Years Of Experience While Facilitating GATE Chemistry (CY) Coaching, Have Prepared Comprehensive Videos Focused On GATE Chemistry (CY) Exam.

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