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January 27, 2023
Written by
Amit Saboo

About BBA Program

Should you pursue the more coveted BBA/BBM courses?


What is Business Management?

Business Management studies help aspirants combine modern business-oriented knowledge and skills to perform and succeed in the workplace. It equips students with specialised expertise in the functional areas of Management and Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, and Operations and Systems.


Why should you pursue Management?

Management courses offer a chance to learn about managing people by giving hands-on experience with business cases and internships. Moreover, a student will get diverse career options to choose from along with enhancing decision-making ability.


Will Study a BBA Benefit You?

  • Professional Degree Early On: Most people go for professional degrees after they have finished their graduation, but with BBA, you get to learn about being a professional at a very early stage. You develop analytical and strategic skills, business sense, and many professional talents that will be useful in your professional life.
  • More Time to Learn Management: A BBA course is three years long, which gives you more time to learn the fundamentals of management. So, with a BBA degree, your managerial skills are honed a lot more.
  • Costs Less: BBA degree courses cost much less than an MBA course, despite being a year longer. MBA courses can be expensive. Comparatively, BBA courses are much more affordable.
  • Helps in Doing MBA: A majority of the students who enroll in an MBA come from different streams of education, whereas, BBA students come from the same stream of education. Since their fundamentals are strong, they tend to do better than the others and are at an advantage throughout the course.
  • Early Start to Your Career: Right after you have graduated with a BBA degree, you can find a job and start working. BBA graduates tend to find a job much quicker than other bachelor graduates from other streams. They also get higher salary packages.
  • Stronger Network: You can build a stronger network of professionals with a BBA degree. The biggest advantage of this degree is that you are starting your career much earlier. So, you have more time to meet with professionals and build a network with them and your fellow students.
  • Better Employment Opportunities: Many entry-level managerial opportunities are just right for BBA graduates. An MBA for such positions would be too qualified. Therefore, BBAs are preferred by companies and find employment much quicker.


3 Years BBM/BBA Course and the Entrance Test

Colleges offering 3 Year BBA/BBM

Entrance Exam





NM (Aided)

12th Scores


NM (Non Aided)









Jai Hind



Symbiosis (Pune)



Christ University (B'lore)

Christ Univ Entrance test (CUET)


Delhi University

Centeral Univ Entrance Test (CUET)

Language, Domain and Gen aptitude

BHU (Banaras)

Centeral Univ Entrance Test (CUET)

Language, Domain and Gen aptitude


(The Average placement Offered post-BBA/BMS is in the range of Rs. 10 LPA)


Why IPM Course?

IPM course has globally been recognized as one of the most holistic courses. It is a brand new promising vertical for students who want options other than Medical, Engineering, Law, etc. Some reasons why one can be assured about this choice are:


IIM After 10+2

While 2 lakhs + students appear for CAT, IPM is taken by 18,000 Plus. While there is less competition due to the program being new, there is an equally promising scope. In addition, the student gets to save a year which may be spent on CAT preparation post-graduation.


Holistic Education

IPM’s unique well-charted curriculum enables the student to pursue courses from all subjects and domains in their three years of BBA in the program. This caters to their world-class education.


Colleges under IPMAT and the Entrance Test

Colleges offering IPM

Entrance Exam

IIM Indore

IPMAT Indore

IIM Rotak

IPM Rotak

IIM Ranchi

IPMAT Indore

IIM Jummu


IIM Bodhgaya


Nirma University

IPMAT Indore

IIFT, Kakinada

IPMAT Indore

NALSAR, Hyderabad



IPMAT Indore


Advantages of taking up IPM

  • The IIM Brand Value
  • Better Placements
  • Alumni status of IIM
  • Great learning Experience





IPMAT Indore

IPMAT Indore is conducted in online mode, Computer based. A time duration of 2 hours will be provided to answer a total of 90 questions distributed in three sections.

The exam sections include:

Quantitative Ability- SA

Quantitative Ability (MCQ)

Verbal Ability


Marking scheme:

Every correct answer carries 4 marks

Every incorrect answer carries -1 marks

Quantitative Ability (SA) Section will not carry any negative marking

IPMAT Rohtak

IPMAT Rohtak can be categorized in three sections. Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability. Each section contains 40 questions. Making it a total of 120 questions. The exam is in MCQ format.

Marking scheme:

Every correct answer carries 4 marks

Every incorrect answer carries -1 marks


JIPMAT also has three sections with a total of 100 questions:

Quantitative Aptitude (33 questions)

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (33 questions)

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (34 questions)

Total time given for the test is 150 minutes.

Marking scheme:

Every correct answer carries 4 marks

Every incorrect answer carries -1 marks


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