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November 4, 2022
Written by
Arpan Patil

Analysis of GATE Architecture Paper 2023

Career Avenues India conducted a thorough analysis of the GATE Architecture 2023 paper, a national exam held by the Indian Institute of Sciences Bangalore and seven Indian Institutes of Technology. The exam was organized by the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and took place on February 4th, 2023. Faculty members from Career Avenues Mumbai, who have impressive qualifications and backgrounds from SPA, IITs, and top GATE ranks, provided feedback on the paper.

The faculty unanimously agreed that while the paper was not very difficult, some portions of it were tricky.

Below are the 10 key points that Career Avenues India noticed:

  1. The paper had fewer numerical questions compared to last 2-3 years, and most of these were straightforward.
  2. The Planning questions were slightly tougher compared to Architecture questions.
  3. In the Common section, as expected, section 7 services had the highest weightage.
  4. In an effort to balance the architecture section with planning, fewer numerical questions were asked in Architecture.
  5. The aptitude section was considerably easy.
  6. Between the 3 sub-topics in Architecture and Planning, the planning section was not as well balanced as the architecture section.
  7. While some questions were fairly easy and straightforward, such as questions on building security services and public broadcasting, the definition of dry waste, combustible waste, etc, others were more challenging and required a deeper understanding, especially questions in Planning.
  8. Career Avenues mock papers had many questions similar to those asked in the GATE Architecture 2023 exam, especially the numericals section. A good 25% of questions were identical.
  9. The GATE Architecture 2023 exam had a considerable number of MSQs (multiple select questions),
  10. The mock papers by Career Avenues India had several numerical questions on parking, housing structures, rainwater storage, etc. that were asked multiple times. Almost similar questions appeared in the GATE as well. We expect the cut-off to be about 32-33. High accuracy will be the key.

Here are the details section wise of the complete paper.


Topic Questions Marks
Aptitude 10 15
Data 1 1
English 4 6
Logic 2 2
Quantitative 2 4
Visual 1



Topic Questions Marks
Common 39 60
Architecture, Planning and Design 4 5
Construction and Management 4 6
Environmental Planning and Design 6 7
Urban Design, Landscape and Conservation 5 8
Planning Process 7 9
Housing 4 8
Services and Infrastructure 9 17


Topic Questions Marks
Architecture 16 26
History and Contemporary Architecture 6 9
Building Construction and Structural Systems 4 6
Building Services and Sustainability 6 10


Topic Questions Marks
Planning 16 25
Regional and Settlement Planning 3 4
Planning Techniques 7 12
Infrastructure Planning 6 9


Hope that you find Career Avenues India's analysis of the GATE Architecture 2023

paper thorough and insightful. 

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