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GATE Cut-Offs Qualifying Marks 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015

GATE CutOffs Qualifying Marks

GATE CutOffs (Qualifying Marks)

We have enlisted GATE Cut-Off trends from previous years for all GATE branches and displayed them category wise as well. Bellow table sumarises the contents of this article.

To know GATE Cut-Offs specifically of your engineering branch, please click on relevant GATE year link mentioned against the branch.
GATE Branch & GATE Cut-Off YearsGATE Branch & GATE Cut-Off Years
Aerospace (AE) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)Agricultural (AG) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)
Architecture (AR) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)Biotechnology (BT) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)
Civil (CE) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)Chemical (CH) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)
Computer (CS) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)Chemistry (CY) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)
Electronics & Communication (EC) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)Electrical (EE) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)
Ecology & Evolution (EY) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)Geology & Geophysics (GG) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)
Instrumentation (IN) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)Mathematics (MA) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)
Mechanical (ME) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)Mining (MN) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)
Metallurgical (MT) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)Petroleum (PE) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)
Physics (PH) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)Production & Industrial (PI) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)
Textile Fibres (TF) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)Engg. Sciences (XE) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)
Life Sciences (XL) (GATE 2017 ,GATE 2016 ,GATE 2015)

Before you scroll down and check GATE Cut-Off trends we would advise you to understand some facts related to it, mentioned bellow –

Facts Related to GATE Cut-Offs (Qualifying Marks)
Factors Taken Into Consideration During The Preparation Process Of GATE Cut-Offs:
  1. Number of seats offered for each M.Tech programme.
  2. Total number of applicants for the course.
  3. Previous Year Cutoff Trends.
  4. Level of Difficulty of Questions in present GATE Exam.
GATE Marks:
  1. GATE Marks are used to decide if a candidate has qualified gate.
  2. For example if you got 35 marks and cutoff marks for your category that year is 26 it means that you have qualified.
    GATE Rank:
    1. GATE Rank is also known as All India Rank(AIR). A candidate get his/her GATE rank only for his branch. For example a candidate from Chemical engineering will get GATE rank among all Chemical Engineers who attended GATE exam of that particular year.
    2. AIR is given to provide an idea about how well you performed compared to the total number of candidates taking the test in that year. (PSUs generally use AIR cutoffs to call for interview.)
    GATE Score:
    1. GATE  Score is calculated out of 1000 while GATE marks are calculated out of 100. GATE score can be calculated using a formula which is based on normalized marks.
    2. GATE Score is provided to compare two candidates who appeared for gate in two different years. Say Candidate-A got 38 marks in GATE 2014 and a GATE Score of 500 while Candidate-B got 40 marks in GATE 2015 and a GATE Score of 480. This simply means paper was tougher in 2014 and though Candidate-A obtained less marks than Candidate-B; Candidate-A have better score than Candidate-B. (As gate score is valid for 3 years, counseling for admission to M.Tech is mostly done based on gate score.)
    GATE Percentile:
    1. Percentile is percentage of people behind you in GATE exam.
    2. Percentile is calculated as shown below :
      GATE Percentile = {( Total number of candidates appeared in your subject candidate rank )/( Total number of candidates1 )} X 100


    • Candidates who appeared for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam have to secure minimum marks decided by GATE organizing Institute. As GATE exam is conducted every year and number of candidates appeared for GATE exam changes every year. Depends upon various factors GATE exam qualifying cut-off marks also varies year by year. There are two main purpose of attending GATE exam.
      1. Getting admission into M. Tech. or P. HD. program and
      2. Getting a job into any PSU which accept GATE score card.
    • But for being eligible for these two, candidate first need to qualify GATE exam by securing minimum marks decided by GATE organizing Institute.
    • In order to get admission into top colleges of India just qualifying GATE exam will not assure your about getting admission into any college in India. Cut-offs for getting admission into various colleges into their various programs of higher education depends upon the number of applicants & also depends upon difficulty level of GATE paper for a particular year. So there is one more cut-off which is Institute dependent, if you want to get admission into a certain college / institute then you have to secure marks equivalent or more than the cut-off marks required for getting admission into that particular college.
    GATE Cut-Offs 2017 Qualifying Marks

    GATE Cut-Offs 2017 Qualifying Marks

    GATE 2017 CutOffs (Qualifying Marks), Category-wise

    GATE Engineering BranchCategory-wise GATE Qualifying Marks
    AEAerospace Engineering25.0022.5016.60
    AGAgricultural Engineering25.0022.5016.60
    ARArchitecture and Planning35.7032.1023.80
    CECivil Engineering28.7025.8019.10
    CHChemical Engineering44.3039.8029.50
    CSComputer Science and Information Technology25.0022.5016.60
    ECElectronics and Communication Engineering25.0022.5016.60
    EEElectrical Engineering25.2025.2016.70
    EYEcology and Evolution
    GGGeology and Geophysics33.3029.9022.10
    INInstrumentation Engineering34.6031.1023.00
    MEMechanical Engineering32.7029.4021.80
    MNMining Engineering
    MTMetallurgical Engineering35.9032.3023.90
    PEPetroleum Engineering
    PIProduction and Industrial Engineering
    TFTextile Engineering and Fibre Science32.5029.2021.60
    XEEngineering Sciences30.4027.3020.20
    XLLife Sciences
    GATE Cut-Offs 2016 Qualifying Marks

    GATE Cut-Offs 2016 Qualifying Marks

    GATE 2016 CutOffs (Qualifying Marks), Category-wise

    GATE Engineering BranchCategory-wise GATE Qualifying Marks
    AEAerospace Engineering29.3026.3019.50
    AGAgricultural Engineering25.0022.5016.60
    ARArchitecture and Planning38.9035.0025.90
    CECivil Engineering25.0022.5016.60
    CHChemical Engineering33.1029.7022.00
    CSComputer Science and Information Technology25.0022.5016.60
    ECElectronics and Communication Engineering25.0022.5016.60
    EEElectrical Engineering25.1022.5016.70
    EYEcology and Evolution45.7041.1030.40
    GGGeology and Geophysics32.7029.4021.80
    INInstrumentation Engineering31.6028.4021.00
    MEMechanical Engineering29.6026.6019.70
    MNMining Engineering32.8029.5021.80
    MTMetallurgical Engineering41.6037.4027.70
    PEPetroleum Engineering40.0036.0026.60
    PIProduction and Industrial Engineering26.4023.7017.50
    TFTextile Engineering and Fibre Science26.3023.6017.50
    XEEngineering Sciences26.9024.2017.90
    XLLife Sciences25.8023.2017.20

    GATE Cut-Offs 2015 Qualifying Marks

    GATE Cut-Offs 2015 Qualifying Marks

    GATE 2015 CutOffs (Qualifying Marks), Category-wise

    GATE Engineering BranchCategory-wise GATE Qualifying Marks
    AEAerospace Engineering26.5223.8717.68
    AGAgricultural Engineering25.0022.5016.67
    ARArchitecture and Planning45.1740.6530.11
    CECivil Engineering25.0022.5016.67
    CHChemical Engineering27.5224.7718.34
    CSComputer Science and Information Technology25.0022.5016.67
    ECElectronics and Communication Engineering25.0022.5016.67
    EEElectrical Engineering25.0022.5016.67
    EYEcology and Evolution38.5934.5425.72
    GGGeology and Geophysics35.0431.5423.36
    INInstrumentation Engineering25.4522.9016.96
    MEMechanical Engineering32.7329.4621.82
    MNMining Engineering37.5033.7525.00
    MTMetallurgical Engineering59.4753.5339.65
    PIProduction and Industrial Engineering26.8224.1417.88
    TFTextile Engineering and Fibre Science31.8828.6921.25
    XEEngineering Sciences29.4926.5419.66
    XLLife Sciences28.4825.6318.99
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