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Tips To Crack GATE Mechanical (ME) Exam

Tips To Crack GATE Mechanical (ME) Exam

5 Very Important & Best Tips To Crack GATE Mechanical (ME)

Tips to Crack GATE Mechanical (ME)
1. Diagnostic Test:
  1. Before you start preparing for GATE Mechanical (ME), it is very important for you to know what are you preparing for.
  2. Also you should know where you stand and what is the goal you need to reach.
  3. So taking a diagnostic test is a must.
  4. The best diagnostic test is a previous year GATE Mechanical (ME) paper answered with seriousness.
2. Right Resources:
  1. Students have tendency to collect material and tests from different sources.
  2. It is important that you keep one source as your main source and do a minimum 80-90% of your preparation from that source.
  3. Studying the subject from multiple resources induces unnecessary confusion and is also a waste of time.
  4. So just follow material from one good source, like Career Avenues Study Material, which is comprehensive.
3. Do Not Overdo Concepts:
  1. Most Students spend a huge amount of their preparation time on “fundamentals”.
  2. While concepts are important, do not spend too much of time on that.
  3. We advice a time split of 50-50 between concepts and questions.
  4. Remember, when you are answering questions, you will need to come back to fundamentals to check what you have missed or what you are answering incorrectly.
4. Test, Tests & Tests:
  1. When you prepare for the Olympics race, you run a lot of practice races.
  2. Similarly while preparing for GATE Mechanical (ME), it is important to answer a good number of topic based tests seriously, sitting in front of a computer, and using the online scientific calculator.
5. Analysis – Paralysis:
  1. Analyse your tests to identify areas you still need to learn or focus on.
  2. Also analysis helps based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. At the same time, do not over analyse and waste time.
  4. All good online test series platforms, like the CAREER AVENUES platform, automatically do a large part of the analysis you require.

All The Best For GATE Mechanical (ME) Exam

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