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  1. Being a GATE aspirant, it is very important that you first know what is the syllabus for GATE Examination before you start preparation.
  2. Keep handy the updated copy of GATE Examination syllabus.
  3. Go through the complete and updated syllabus, highlight important subjects and topics based on Past GATE Papers and Weightage plus your understanding of particular subject or topic.
  4. Keep tracking and prioritising your preparation-to-do list and the syllabus for the GATE examination.

GATE Syllabus

What Is The Syllabus For GATE Examination

GATE Examination Syllabus

(To get the GATE syllabus for your engineering branch, just click on the relevant link.)

GATE Engineering Branch & their Syllabus Links

GATE Aerospace (AE) SyllabusGATE Agriculture (AG) Syllabus
GATE Architecture (AR) SyllabusGATE Biotechnology (BT) Syllabus
GATE Chemical (CH) SyllabusGATE Chemistry (CY) Syllabus
GATE Civil (CE) SyllabusGATE Computer Science (CS/IT) Syllabus
GATE Electrical Engineering (EE) SyllabusGATE Electronics Engineering (EC) Syllabus
GATE Engineering Science (XE) SyllabusGATE Geology & Geophysics (GG) Syllabus
GATE Instrumentation (IN) SyllabusGATE Mathematics (MA) Syllabus
GATE Mechanical (ME) SyllabusGATE Metallurgy (MT) Syllabus
GATE Physics (PH) SyllabusGATE Production & Industrial (PI) Syllabus
GATE Life Science (XL) SyllabusGATE Textile Fibres (TF) Syllabus

GATE Useful Links

(You might be interested in GATE useful links given below.)

GATE Useful Links I

GATE Useful Links II

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